Informed by data, Driven by Empathy (Booking, Pedro Marques)

by John Doepublished on 17.03.2020

220 countries, 50 currencies, 43 languages. How do we design Quantitative and qualitative data are a core part of our process when designing in such scale. In this talk I’ll walk you trough how we, designers, work and how you can implement some of our techniques into your product/organization.

Startups: I’ll show how quick, easy and cheap is to get insightful data from User Research and use it in combination with quantitative data in order to have a higher success rate and don’t burn thought development time and money.

Medium/Big Companies: Even at the scale of serving, literally, the entire world it is easy to empower and provide the right tools to your design/research team so they can do the right thing, without compromising velocity.

In a nutshell: Cheap and fast research methods, Painting the full picture with quantitative and qualitative research, and measuring the outcomes of the solution, a run drought the “How, what and why” methodology.

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